Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last of the "long" runs until the Lincoln marathon!

Well I have not been doing such a great job at posting lately but I have kept up my running.   I was down in NE last weekend visiting Lindsey and we had a couple of good runs.  Saturday was a Easter family get together and we went for a 5+ mile run with her brother and sister (both running the Lincoln half).  The weather had been nice and warm but the wind was insane.  On the way back the cross wind was actually blowing my legs into each other.  On Sunday, Lindsey and I went for a 20-miler on the Billy Wolf and Rock Island trails.

This is us running across the Dam at Hydes Park (I think that was the name of it)
Just shortly after the above picture was taken we saw a kid flying a kite

On our long run, something curious happened.  My left foot went totally numb while I was running.  It stayed numb for a mile or so and then curiously disappeared (the pain not my foot).

Last week was a great week, the first week I had run 40+ miles since the beginning of January.  I typically have been running about 30 - 35 miles a week but wish I could run much more.

This week I got back to my 30-35 miles week.  I would have done more but did not get a chance to get out on Monday and Tuesday.  Most of my runs this week, I was running consistently at below a 8:00 pace and most of my pain issues have slipped away.  On my long run yesterday along the river, the numb foot started up again.  I looked online at a couple of places (here for an example) and they said that it is typically from a small shoe or overly tight laces.  I do not feel like my laces are too tight and it only occurs in my left foot.  I hope its not the shoes because I have fallen in love with my Mizuno Waveriders and they feel perfect on my feet.  Since I had these shoes, my PF and shin issues have pretty much disappeared.

The Lincoln marathon is three weeks away.  I am feeling pretty good about it.  There are two things that I am looking forward to:  One, the course is very flat compared to the Austin Marathon a couple of months ago.
Click HERE to see Austins.

Second, the Lincoln Track Club has tried to get the finish line to finish in the Huskers stadium since they started the marathon and finally was able to get it to occur this year.

And .... a video from Webb Pierce!  Happy runnings.


  1. Hi Honky,
    It looks like you and Lindsey had a great long run!! I think it is so awesome that you two run together! You are going to do great at Lincoln:) I think I need to find some new shoes. I would love to find something that feels perfect on my feet. I need to start trying on different brands and see what feels good to me:) I would love to find a lighter shoe that still gives me support.

    Have a great day Chris!

  2. I can see why you are happy about Lincoln, that will be a great end to the marathon, running onto that field!

  3. hope ur foot pain disappears for good! sounds like tight shoes to me... who knows though! mizunos are awesome (2nd to my newtowns of course lol...)

  4. Now you are starting the time that I love...the taper. Of course it makes me crazy, but it also is when my body catches up and I am always amazed at my new fitness level. Enjoy.

  5. Congrats on your 20 miler. You are ready to go! Enjoy your taper.