Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two good runs in a row!

Well it has been amazingly beautiful here in Minnesota this past week.  The weatherman said that its suppose to be closer to normal temperatures next week so I am trying to take advantage of this weather.

On Monday, I was feeling tired after my "recovery" bike ride so I ended up taking the day off.  Tuesday, I decided to run at Phalen and the place was packed.  To me, Phalen is one of the more perfect places to run.  It is 3.125 miles in one loop and has good hills.  Depending on the direction you go you can make the hills more gradual or steep.  All and all a good place despite its bad reputation.
The first loop I kept it at a 8:10 pace and was feeling tired but I started pushing it a bit harder.  I ended up doing two laps at a 7:23 pace.

Today, weather once again great but I was feeling a bit on the dehydrated side.  Today I ran around the Saint Paul campus.  Typically, a loop around the campus and through the fair grounds is a 4-mile loop (almost exactly).  I added in a little more around Como Ave to get the large hill on Como for a total of 4.75 miles.  Today I ran at a 7:39 pace.  Great run!

Tomorrow, I am running with the running group and I am looking forward to it.  We are meeting at the Presidents house and will do a River loop.   I will try to take some pictures.

In honor of my dehydration today, here is some Marty Robbins:


  1. Hi Honky,
    Well at least one of us is having a good run day:) Nice work! You were keeping a great pace...the kind of pace that I dream about!! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week Chris:)

  2. Just found your blog and I am excited to follow along! I am in Iowa and YES! The weather is nice...I am embracing too! Won't last...but it will be back!

  3. Nice runs. It is good that you took a day off after your body tried telling you to. Often times people don't listen, and end up hurting.

  4. I've heard good things about Phalen but have never run there. Of course, I've heard the bad stuff to but many more good than bad. A 3 mile loop is perfect. Glad you are enjoying this lovely weather.